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Some of the best girls on Vicktoria Gold.

Je – Je is a 22 year old busty blonde that speaks fluent English although originated from Italy. She has a feminine yet athletic body which will surely impress. Her personality is one to match the beautiful smile. She is very playful and passionate about what she does, and enjoys every minute. She is a very skilled performer and will leave you wanting more.

Abata – Abata is a beautiful 24 year old Spanish girl that can speak perfect English. She has mixed skin with long dark brown hair and brown eyes and has an interest in both sexes. She has a bust you could only wish for and could easily be yours after a long stressful day at work. Her gorgeous smile can leave you feeling very welcome and in good hands.

Kate – Kate is a voluptuous girl with mixed skin and long dark brown hair. Although her ethnicity is Caucasian she originated from Brazil and can speak perfect English. She has a fantastic bust which has given her some popularity in the business. She is a very friendly girl and is lovely to talk to, she enjoys getting to know her clients and ensuring they have the best time they can.

Angela – Angela is a busty blonde with big blue eyes and is originally Czech. She is a tall girl with slender legs, standing at 5'7 and has a slim body. She is full of life, class , and is very friendly. She is open to both sexes and is very passionate about her work. With a bright and vibrant glow about her you will surely enjoy you time with the lovely Angela.

Gia – Gia is a petite blonde with a not so petite chest. She's a young girl at 20 but that doesn't stop her from being passionate about the business. With big brown eyes she defiantly gives off a glow that's hard to miss. She is fluent in English but also speaks French and Spanish, she is an Eastern European with an interest for both males and females.

Britney – Britney is a 25 year old Brazilian hotty with a bust that will definitely make you smile. She is 5'7 and speaks perfect English, with big brown eyes and flowing blonde hair, she is certainly one for your wish list. She's a professional with class but also enjoys a playful attitude and can teach you a lot you didn't know. 

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