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Hakkasan Chinese Restaurant in London


Hakkasan in London is one of the best in a city of brilliant restaurants. When your competition are celebrity chefs and multi award winning establishments to be named as one of the sexiest and most alluring restaurants in the city is no easy feat. The food is exceptional and the decor incredible, this is truly the best of it's kind in London.

Chinese restaurants are often cliches of their traditions and use tired recipes of their ancient cuisine, saturated for a western audience, there is none of these such problems here. The food is a fusion with western culture and cuisine to create nearly a new style for a mouthwatering experience.

Set back in a side street of London you would be forgiven for missing out on the delights of Hakkasan completely. It is hidden deep in the depths of the city but when you find the dining hall is like walking into an Aladin's cave. This mysterious restaurant is decorated in a traditional fashion but with modern mood lighting making the setting romantic and seductive. It is the ideal place to bring a date for a little privacy and discretion. All of the staff are attentive but to a degree of efficiency that you won't even notice them. They allow you to enjoy your private dining experience in this basement of shadows.

Enjoy the taste of the Orient in this sumptuous restaurant and take one of our beautiful London models with you. You will get gratitude and happiness as all of our escorts love the restaurant and are overwhelmed when a customer offers to take them. We can help you arrange a table as it can be an awkward pace to book a table for the night.