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Doha, The Centre of the Asian Business World


The middle East is undoubtedly the most rapidly developing areas in the world, in terms of just about everything. Cities being built on the sand on an unprecedented scale. The middle east already has the world's largest, shopping mall, hotel, casino, indoor ski centre and future plans for the worlds largest theme park eclipsing the likes of Disney World and Busch Gardens. It would seem that they have almost conquered the tourism industry and are now very much focussing on the business and industrial aspects of becoming a global superpower. Qatar has famously and controversially been awarded the 2022 world cup, but what a lot of people don't know is that its capital Doha, has also played host to such prestigious business events as the 2006 Asian games, the 2011 Pan Arab Games and the 20th World Petroleum Council in 2011.

Doha has one of the richest and healthiest economies of any city in the world and has therefore become a place where the rich and the elite go to meet. Its home to some of the countries largest and most prestigious industries such as Qatar Petroleum, Qatargas and Rasgas. The economies dependence on oil and natural resources has actually been counterproductive causing them to invest massively in a total redevelopment of the city. Doha now has two primary factors in its vision for success for the future, the first of which being due to the literal growth of the city which has caused a significant boom in the real estate market. The second of its major factors for its plan is to boost the tourism industry, which it is currently doing in a number of ways.

First of all if a city wants to attract tourists it must first make sure it has the facilities to cater for their needs, whilst providing the luxurious that make it worth the flight. The second thing it must to do is provide something you cannot get anywhere else, in this sense Doha is in a league of its own. Walking around Doha is a very strange, almost artificial place. A beautiful concrete jungle in the middle of a desert, where a rich Arabic heritage is covered up in place of tourism and profit. They are even willing to go against their religious beliefs in preference of catering for the public's demands. Some of the most obvious examples of this is the way they turn a blind eye to the consumption of alcohol, and its abundance of elite Doha escorts, both very much a necessary cornerstone in their project of establishing this megacity in the sand. Its hidden underside of beautiful Doha escorts and drunken mishaps are the foundation of this growing civilization.